Who are Paul & Kittie?

Paul & Kittie Messer are United Methodist missionaries living in Dakar, Senegal.  Originally from Alabama, Paul has been a United Methodist pastor for 30+ years and Kittie is a RN with a specialty in mental health.  They have three wonderful adult children – Mande, Brandon & Jodi – and three beautiful grandchildren – Carly, Addie Ruth, and Levi.

The Messers’ arrived in Dakar in January, 2009, and plan to be there for a year.  The road to this adventure began five months earlier when Patrick Friday, a friend who works with the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, called to ask if they were interested in going to Senegal for a year.  After Paul asked where that was in Alabama, Patrick began to explain to him the need for missionaries in Senegal.

While Paul had dreamed of doing something like this years earlier, there had been no discussion of such a desire with Kittie.  At first, financial concerns seemed to make this an impossible possibility, but with the help of friends, the Messer’s were soon on the road that has led to this great adventure.


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